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■ Would you like to learn Hungarian from a native speaker and experienced language teacher?

■ Would you like to practice conversation?

■ Do you need to take a Hungarian language exam?

■ Would you like to gain confidence in interacting with Hungarians, develop your language skills in everyday or workplace situations?

■ Would you like to learn more about Hungary, Hungarian culture, habits and ways?

Contact me at zsizsmann.eva@gmail.com, tel. +36 30 537 35 84


Buda Campus Language Centre, Szüret u. 2-18, 1118 Budapest

National Library of Foreign Literature, Molnár u. 11, 1056 Budapest


I have been teaching Hungarian and English since 1996.

I was editor and translator of the academic journal Philobiblon, Bulletin of the “Lucian Blaga” Central University Library, Cluj between 1996-2003.

I taught English for Special Purposes (Business English, English for Law, English for Tourism) at the Department of Teaching Foreign Languages, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj, between 2000-2002.

I attended the British and American Literatures and Cultures PhD programme at the University of Szeged, Institute of English and American Studies (2002-2005).

As a language teacher I have gained extensive experience in designing course curriculum, teaching general and special English and Hungarian language for individuals and small groups, in language schools and the corporate environment. I worked for Sterling House Language School (Szeged), Playing English Language School, London Stúdió and Juventus Language School (Budapest).

I have been a tutor at the Library Institute, National Széchényi Library (Budapest) as of 2008, teaching Special English Language Courses for Librarians.

As Curator of English Books at the National Library of Foreign Literature, Budapest I was responsible for collection development (contemporary fiction in English, literary studies, linguistics, language learning materials) as well as organising, hosting and moderating literary events, roundtable discussions (2007-2012).

I was a Research assistant at the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central-European Studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (2012-2013).

I taught Academic writing and Presentation techniques at Károli University of the Reformed Church, Budapest (2014-15) and Business English at Budapest Business School, Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism (2015).

I am currently teaching English for Special Purposes (Bioengineering, Food Engineering, Agriculture and Landscape Architecture) at Buda Campus Language Centre, Faculty of Food Engineering, Corvinus University of Budapest. I also teach Translation techniques at Corvinus University of Budapest and Károli University of the Reformed Church (Postgraduate Translator Training.)

Why learn Hungarian with me?

I have always been looking for opportunities to work in an international environment, meet people from different cultural-geographic locations. My hometown, a multicultural city in Transylvania and subsequent moves to other places made me aware of the value of working and communicating across cultures.

As an active member of CEACS (Central European Association of Canadian Studies) I am an adept of the concept of pluralism and multiculturalism.

I have had the chance to work in a team in a multi-cultural environment at the British Library, London (1999, Scholarship of the British Academy) and as a research fellow at the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central-European Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (2012-13).

I hold a Hungarian language teacher degree from “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj, Romania and have several years’ experience in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language in the corporate environment. I have taught one-on-one courses tailored to individual needs as well as small groups of students (company employees) of different ethnic backgrounds. I have taught most extensively at Givaudon and UPC, in Budapest.

As a research fellow at the Wirth Institute in Edmonton I taught Hungarian to individual members of the Hungarian community who no longer spoke the language of their ancestors as well as students interested in Hungarian language and culture.

I have gained experience in designing course curriculum tailored to special needs, preparing and administering placement tests, midterm tests, final evaluation and follow-up with course participants. I am an adept of the communicative approach and the use of up-to-date technology in language teaching and assessment.

Roundtable Hungarian offers you

  • individual courses tailored to your specific training needs
  • small group courses in case you prefer learning as part of a team
  • needs analysis, placement test, materials designed to suit your goals
  • communication-centred teaching methods
  • a focus on both formal and informal aspects of language use
  • a linguistic approach coupled with a knowledge of the cultural context
  • the possibility to gain confidence in using Hungarian in various situations


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